The award

Postgraduate study at South African institutions

A Mandela Rhodes Scholarship provides full funding for up to a maximum of two years of postgraduate study, to qualified citizens of African countries, at recognised South African tertiary institutions.

The Scholarship provides funds for tuition, accommodation, meals, a book allowance, and a travel allowance for each Scholar in residence.

The Scholarship is currently offered only for students pursuing an Honours or Masters degree or their equivalents, and the length of tenure of the Scholarship will depend on the length of the proposed course of study. Selection as a Mandela Rhodes Scholar does not guarantee entry into a South African tertiary education institution. All applications must be made separately by yourself to your preferred institutions.

Leadership development

A unique feature of the Mandela Rhodes Scholarships is a series of supplementary workshops that are run for Scholars throughout their first year in residence. These workshops focus on leadership development and encourage the exploration of key social issues. Respected individuals, including past Scholars, are invited to share their knowledge, insight and experiences with the Scholars in residence. Workshops are facilitated by senior Mandela Rhodes Foundation Staff, under the leadership of the Scholarships Manager.

The Mandela Rhodes Scholarships include a mentoring aspect currently in its pilot phase, in which Scholars are connected if they so wish, with a peer mentor who is an alumnus of the Mandela Rhodes Scholarships.

The Mandela Rhodes Community

The Mandela Rhodes Community is an initiative by the Mandela Rhodes Scholars themselves. All Mandela Rhodes Scholars are eligible to be members of the alumni network, and it seeks to keep its members in touch with each other beyond their time as Scholars in residence. The Mandela Rhodes Community arranges conferences and hopes to encourage projects that further commitment to the principles of the Scholarship.

    Image of Mandela

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking all of you around the world who are assisting in the great project of building The Mandela Rhodes Foundation.

The central purpose of The Mandela Rhodes Foundation is to build exceptional leadership capacity in Africa.

The bringing together of these two names represents a symbolic moment in the closing of the historic circle; drawing together the legacies of reconciliation and leadership and those of entrepreneurship and education.

Already the Mandela Rhodes Scholarships are changing the lives of young Africans, who will play vital roles in the future of the continent.

The achievements of The Mandela Rhodes Foundation so far have been remarkable, but it is its future potential that is most exciting.

I urge you to help in every way you can, knowing that you have my personal appreciation.

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela
Johannesburg, South Africa