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January 2017 update from the MRF

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January 2017 update from the MRF

Published 20 January 2017

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The MRF year is already in full swing with the MRF team making final preparations for the arrival of the Class of 2017 in Cape Town for their Introductory Workshop. But there is an even more excited and celebratory mood than usual in the Mandela Rhodes Building, with the announcement of an important new appointment at the Foundation.

Mandela Rhodes Scholar Judy Sikuza promoted to MRF Deputy Executive Director

I am truly delighted to announce the promotion of MRF Programme Director Judy Sikuza to the position of Deputy Executive Director. Mandela Rhodes Scholar Judy (South Africa & NMMU 2007) began to work with the MRF in late 2013 and has played a seminal role in our ongoing quest to lift the Foundation’s flagship Scholarships programme to even greater levels of excellence. In her new position Judy will continue to take full responsibility for the further development and successful implementation of all elements of the Scholarships programme, but as my Deputy she will increase her involvement in the broader running and expansion of the Foundation. Specifically, Judy will focus on strategic projects at my request, and will play an increasing role in stakeholder relations and public engagement on behalf of the MRF. Judy’s leadership achievements, at such a young age, exemplify our highest aspirations for Mandela Rhodes Scholars, and I hope this recognition will also inspire many more talented young Africans to aspire to the Scholarship.

The Class of 2017’s Introductory Workshops

As I write there are two days to go before the first of our Introductory Workshops, and we greatly look forward to welcoming our largest and most continentally diverse Class ever. Mandela Rhodes Scholars from three ‘new’ African countries join us this year, and the flags of their homelands are already hanging in the MR Building’s lobby: Seychelles, Sudan, and Togo. We will as always be exposing the new Class to eminent speakers and leading visits to historic Mandela Rhodes sites: let the journey begin!

Leverhulme Mandela Rhodes Doctoral Scholarships

As soon as the Introductory Workshops are completed, we will be working on finalising the call for applications for the new Leverhulme Mandela Rhodes Doctoral Scholarships, which I announced last year. Please keep an eye on our website for news on this and other developments.

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