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A diversity of perspectives to chart our future.

The Mandela Rhodes Foundation is governed and run by people who are deeply invested in seeing Mr Mandela’s vision for the transformation of Africa realised. We are governed by an independent board of high-profile Trustees, who give their time on a voluntary basis. We are run by a small and very committed staff team. The Foundation’s staff and trustees come from a range of generations, disciplines, nationalities and backgrounds, and our strength is in how we bring our diversity to bear on our common purpose.

The Foundation’s governance structures include four additional committees that meet quarterly. These are the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee, the Executive Committee, the Remuneration Committee, and the Investment Committee, which are made up of independent outsiders, Trustees and management.

Board of Trustees



Executive Committee

  • Justice Catherine O’Regan (Chair)
  • Janet Kabiru
  • Dr Osmond Mlonyeni

Finance, Audit and Risk Committee

  • Mr Mustaq Brey (Chair)
  • Ms Janet Kabiru
  • Mr Nkazi Sokhulu (South Africa & UCT, 2006)
  • Ms Thobela Mfeti (South Africa & UCT, 2012)

Investment Committee

  • Mr Tim Cumming (Chair)
  • Mr Jacques Conradie (South Africa & SU, 2005)
  • Ms Judy Sikuza (CEO)
  • Ms Muitheri Wahome
  • Dr Osmond Mlonyeni (South Africa & UP, 2009)

Remuneration Committee

  • Mr Mustaq Brey
  • Justice Catherine O’Regan

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