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Alexes Mes

South Africa & University of Cape Town, 2019

Alexes Mes grew up in the Lowveld of eastern Limpopo, South Africa. She would sleep out under the stars and wonder about our expanding universe and the mysteries of what was out there. From here her passion for physics was born: from the limitless stars that surround us, to the tinniest quarks that form the atom. In 2018, she began her Masters degree in Theoretical Physics at the University of Cape Town. The aim is to determine the mass of the lightest quarks – necessary in the viability of carbon-based life. As an Allan Gray Orbis Fellow who is passionate about young leadership and education in South Africa; She (when not in the office) runs a Shawco project in based in Kensington, tutoring and mentoring Grade 10 and 11 learners in Mathematics, Physics, Biology, English and Life Skills. On the side, she enjoys creative writing within a technical context, and has won the Keswick prize for scientific lucidity in 2016 at Rhodes University, and in 2017 at the University of Cape Town. Curiosity is why she studies physics. She wants to dedicate her life to understanding how the things around us behave- to push the forefront of human knowledge- and to using this knowledge to create innovative solutions that benefit humanity.

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