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Alundrah Sibanda

Zimbabwe & Stellenbosch University, 2019

Alundrah Sibanda is a young woman from Zimbabwe who revels in exposing herself to diverse cultures and calls her life “a series of culture shocks.” That led her to Stellenbosch University to pursue an undergraduate degree in International Studies. She plans on working towards her Masters in Journalism in 2019. Alundrah believes that leadership should always reflect one’s interests so she has held positions that have connected her to people during her university stay. Chairing SRC caucuses immersed her in student politics, tutoring economics was a brilliant chance to share what she had learnt and her job on campus radio allowed her to express her thoughts and encourage the listening audience. Alundrah hopes to always have the capacity to give back to the communities she has had the privilege of being a part of, as she continues on my journey to becoming a media practitioner.

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