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Aminata Diallo

Mali & University of Cape Town, 2024

Aminata Diallo is a young woman from Mali advocating for peace, Reconciliation, Indigenous communities' well-being, transitional justice, and youth leadership. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Global Challenges from the African Leadership University and is a product of diverse communities and experiences.

Her notable accomplishments include spearheading primary research in the conflict-afflicted red zones of Mali, focusing on peace agreements and the rehabilitation of child soldiers. Her outstanding work in this regard earned her recognition as the youngest expert at the prestigious 2022 United Nations Expert Meeting on Transitional Justice in Santiago, Chile.

In addition, Aminata has been an active contributor to the "Arramat Project," dedicated to empowering Indigenous-led place-based research. Her team's collective efforts and her unwavering dedication were instrumental in securing substantial funding of CAD 24 million from the Canadian Government's New Frontier Research Fund, propelling this crucial initiative forward.

As a member of Tinhinan Sahel and the Ãrrãmãt project, Aminata is committed to establishing research initiatives focused on the welfare of indigenous communities, advocating for their rights, and sharing their invaluable knowledge with the world. Aminata aspires to contribute to the betterment of humanity by utilising her expertise in conflict resolution and transitional justice to create a national model and inspire international policymaking.

With unwavering determination, Aminata is forging a transformative vision for conflict resolution, promoting collaborative platforms that engage local stakeholders, scholars, and policymakers. Her goal is to develop innovative conflict resolution strategies that revolve around indigenous wisdom and the vibrant energy of youth.

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