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Charline Chikomo

Zimbabwe & University of Cape Town, 2024

Charline is bridging the gap between education and community development through a paradigm shift from education centred on certificate acquisition to skills development, from job seeking to job creation, and from dependency to entrepreneurship. He graduated as a Mandela Centennial Scholar with a BA (Honours) in Global Challenges from the African Leadership University, Rwanda.

He was the recipient of the Africa Opportunities Award in recognition of his passion for the continent and inspiration to others.

He founded the DUCE Leadership Initiative, an organization that helps educators with competency-based teaching methods and also provides students with 21st-century skills and an entrepreneurial mindset. Over the past five years, DUCE empowered approximately 250 educators and over 10,000 students, partnering with schools, and governmental and non-government organizations.

He works for Ashoka, contributing to Ashoka Young Changemakers initiatives through managing the 1Million+ GM and Ashoka Partnership, launching peer-to-peer pilots in Nigeria, and training country teams. Chikomo also trains grassroots and executive leaders in strategic leadership and communication, working with organizations like Idebate Rwanda, ITM Africa, Latin American Leadership Academy, etc.

He has also earned recognition as a speaker and writer on topics of leadership, education, and economic development, featured on distinguished platforms such as Rwanda TV, ZBC and The New Times. He also served as a junior parliamentarian in Zimbabwe Junior Parliament 2015 - 2018, advocating for children's rights and social change. As Africa stands at a crossroads, facing the prospect of having the world's largest workforce, Charline envisions a continent where the demographic dividend becomes an asset rather than a liability. His fervour for education and economic development is a testament to his dedication to ensuring that schools align with the expectations of communities.

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