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John Flanagan

South Africa & University of KwaZulu-Natal, 2012

I am the land desk manager at Kwanalu, he started there in January 2020. I was born and grew up in Zimbabwe and hold a masters in Agricultural Economics from UKZN, I am husband to Sofë and the father of twin boys of 2 years old. Over the last 7 years I have been involved at the interface of profitable agricultural development. The focus areas have ranged from communal to commercial agriculture and include the land reform interface of various forms of partnerships, joint ventures, mentorships and leases. In my capacity at the land desk, I deal with issues of labour tenant claims, restitution claims and on-farm occupiers as well as a proactive consideration of development and partnership models driven by Kwanalu members. Other roles which I hold include mentorship of emerging beef farmers, leading a local church and a major role in a partnership with a restitution land claim community. I'm an Afro-optimist but also a realist and feel strongly that local jobs and local development should be key policy focus areas nationally. Having grown up in Zimbabwe and worked at the land reform interface in South Africa I feel that policy has a key role to play in successful nations, but that a culture of honesty, a high work ethic and a good attitude ultimately define the success of the local and trans-local community.


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