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Rachel Adams

Zimbabwe & University of Cape Town, 2006

Rachel is the Founder of Narachi Leadership and the co-Founder of BlueOrange. Both consulting firms serve clients in the areas of leadership development, strategy and process mapping. Rachel's expertise is in leadership training (mindsets and behaviours), conflict resolution, leadership coaching and providing advisory services.

"My purpose and mission is to develop deep benches of leaders across Africa - leaders who can accelerate the transformation and inclusive development of the continent. I created my leadership consultancy, Narachi Leadership, after years of being deeply frustrated by the constant criticism of poor leadership on the continent. Everywhere I studied or traveled, the buzz term for Africa was and continues to be 'poor leadership'. And yet my work with emerging and current leaders across the continent made me (and makes me) consciously aware of the leadership possibilities on my continent. And so equipped with leadership tools from some of the best institutions known to the world, I have merged my frustration with my expertise in leadership development to help leaders transform themselves first and then their environments second. In this work I offer myself as a leadership development facilitator, ontological coach, mentor and speaker. I work with corporates, entrepreneurs, teams and individuals. I seek to understand the leaders I work with very deeply, both their fears and ambitions, and to work with them for the sake of their emergence as their most impactful selves."

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