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Entrepreneurship Workshop: The Journey to Madiba

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Entrepreneurship Workshop: The Journey to Madiba

Published 18 October 2023

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“Congratulations once again from all of us at The Mandela Rhodes Foundation for your successful application. We are delighted to offer you a Mandela Rhodes Scholarship as a member of the Class of 2023.”

When you begin a journey, most times you can’t always see the end. You have doubts, worries, fears, but then you try. You send out an application hoping for the best, but not denying how scared you feel.

I remember when I first got the link to apply for the Mandela Rhodes Scholarship. I felt uninspired and didn’t think much of it at the time. A few rounds later and there I was at the final interview stage. I had to fly to South Africa for the final interview which was also my first time travelling out of the country.

I can remember meeting people from different African countries who had also made it to interviews. I remember how we bounded quickly, and it felt like home with my fellow Africans. It was at that time that it finally hit me, and I realized that I really wanted to be part of this environment. I wanted to be with my fellow Africans as one. It’s a year later and my first-year journey is winding down. I have been privileged to meet, communicate, and share life with other aspiring young African leaders from different countries. I have felt at home in a place far from home. I have shared lovely memories and most importantly, been reminded of what a privilege and honour it is to be African. I have been enlightened on the importance of my African identity in the world, and why embracing my African heritage is so important to

It’s been a wonderful journey, it’s been a dream, and it continues to be magical. One thing I will forever remember, one statement that will forever remain in me is a statement made by the chairperson of the Mandela Rhodes Foundation Professor Njabulo Ndebele “I am my ancestors' wildest dreams”. I will live my life with pride, with privilege and with humility, worthy of the dream that I have. I am honoured to be a Mandela Rhodes scholar, I am Nigerian, I am African and I am proud.

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