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Arthur Muzofa

Zimbabwe & Stellenbosch University, 2018

Arthur Simbarashe Muzofa is a creative writer from Zimbabwe with an interest in communicating powerful ideas through different forms of expression. Arthur is a gifted poet, and in 2019 won the adult category prize for the Inclusive Arts Collective Poetry Competition.

Professionally, Arthur has worked as an English and History teacher in 2017 and presently is expanding his skill-set as a copywriter and conceptualiser. Arthur holds two Honours degrees in English from the University of Zimbabwe (2016) and Stellenbosch University (2018) respectively.

In his spare time, Arthur enjoys reading novels and biographies, drawing cartoons, dancing and listening to music. If not poring over a book and writing notes, you’ll find Arthur passionately discussing ideas with a friend or family over a cup of coffee. Arthur aspires to be involved in the evolution of Africa’s creative writing and publishing industry especially in a time the sector is experiencing great transition due to changing technology and trends in reading culture. Arthur strives to be an agent for authenticity, empathy and creativity as a professional, a creator and individual. He hopes in his lifetime to help others find and explore their voices through creative expression in a diversified and meaningful way.


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