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Erick Arwa

Kenya & University of Cape Town, 2019

Erick Arwa is a graduate of electrical and electronic engineering from the University of Nairobi, a published author, a youth entrepreneurship, community development and education enthusiast. He was ranked 14th in Kenya's High School National Examination and 1st nationally in Chemistry, earning him the prestigious Equity African Leaders Program Internship where he helped design the policy framework for the well known Wings To Fly scholarship. Erick has been involved in mentoring and teaching in over 80 high schools in Kenya under The Smart Science Mentors, a mentoring club that he founded to empower students from under-resourced schools. He also consulted for Litemore Ltd, an education IT company in Kenya, where he helped design the policy instruments and program administration guides for The Family Bank Foundation Scholarship and Mentoring Programme. Erick is a young entrepreneur with interests in energy, agriculture and education. He is the founder of Multi Forests Ltd, a commercial forestry company, where he has overseen the planting of over 15 000 trees, the establishment of horticultural units and the start up of a small hotel in Kenya. Erick’s research interests are in rural electrification through solar powered microgrids. He envisions a continent where every household has access to electricity to power their homes and pump water for irrigation on their farms to ensure food security in Africa.

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