George Mbella Teke

Cameroon & Stellenbosch University, 2018

George Teke was born in a small city called Limbe in the Southern (South West Region) part of Cameroon. He is a dynamic leader and holder of a B.Sc in Chemical Engineering with his passion focusing around food security, waste valorization and quality leadership. He has handled several positions of responsibility ranging from research and production manager of the Emerald Research Group to Quality Control Personal at Source du Pays Cameroon and presently Secretary General of Global Alliance for Youth Empowerment (GAYE) in which he ensures the flagship traditions are respected as well as the smooth functioning of its personnel.

In 2018, George was nominated to mentor participants of the YALI (Young African Leaders Initiative) Regional Leadership Center West Africa-Ghana in which he was one of its pioneer participants in the Regional Leadership Center in Dakar, Senegal. This has allowed him to have a host of mentees across Cameroon and the different parts of Africa which, for him, is a perfect way to build exceptional minds through intellectual capacity development.

Presently, he is working on designing a novel bioreactor which would be used for continuous Extractive Fermentation as his research. This aligns with his life dream of reducing food security through biosurfactant production.

While he loves a cluster of extra-curricular activities like soccer, singing, reading, travelling, George is currently thinking to further extend his thinking on his research topic with a potential PhD in the area of Bioresource Engineering and Waste-Valorization.


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