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Ngobi Ambrose

Uganda & University of Cape Town, 2024

Ngobi is a committed pacifist, searching for a long-standing solution to African wars. With an interest in peace-building on the African continent, he has written in the Mt. Kenya Times newspaper advocating for alternative ways of solving the pressing problem of armed groups on the African continent, especially in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He champions the adoption of a cultural approach, making the culture and folklore of the engaged and affected people a central point in peacebuilding.

His undergraduate major at Makerere University (Uganda), “Theatre for Development”, introduced him to cultural theories and groomed his competency in African folklore knowledge. His current pursuit of Political Communication at the University of Cape Town is to broaden his political spectrum, and sharpen his journalistic and communicative skills, as he intends to continue developing newspaper material and influencing peace-building policymakers across the continent to adopt his favoured approach.

The study of politics and communication will also be his gateway to the diplomatic world, as he plans to undertake research and studies in International Relations and Diplomacy to a doctoral level.

As a founder of East Africa Must Unite, a community-based movement sensitizing young East Africans to the similarities shared in the region, he believes in building systems and capacity that will help unite communities against armed groups. This is so because leaders of armed groups in the region often use small differences in the regional folklore and culture to mobilize certain individuals against one another.

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