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Tulani Nkuntse

South Africa & Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, 2014

Tulani Nkuntse is from the Eastern Cape, South Africa. He completed his Master of Arts degree (Research) in Public Administration at Nelson Mandela University (NMU) as a Mandela Rhodes Scholar. He currently works as a Higher Education professional in one of the public universities in South Africa. He has worked in government, in private higher education, NGO sector and in retail. He is a seasoned External Consultant at the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation where he assisted in the selection process of seeking young people who have the potential to change the world with their energy, curiosity and new ways of seeing and understanding the problems we face, and how to solve them. He remains extensively involved with the Mandela Rhodes Foundation (MRF) and assists the foundation as an MRConnect Ambassador. Previously, he has served as an Applicant Reviewer for the scholarship programme as well as a Mentor to a number of scholars in residence within the MRF. His passion and experience in higher education sums up his purpose. Beyond that, he is an avid musician, son, a fearless man indulging on life.

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