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Fezokuhle Khumalo

Kingdom of eSwatini & University of Cape Town, 2020

Fezokuhle is an emerging public health professional, with an academic background in Biology and Neuroscience. Her love for public health grew after completing several internships in organisations such as the National Referral Hospital, Swaziland Epilepsy Organization, and the World Bank, which exposed her to the glaring realities of the public health situation in her home country.

Fezokuhle has an additional dedication to the education system of eSwatini. Through her work with The Knowledge Institute, she has gained a determination to play her part in ensuring that everyone has access to opportunities. She started Asifundze Tutoring Services, a private tutoring business in 2018, which is set to grow into a school for students with genetic disorders that cause learning disabilities.

Fezokuhle takes pride in being an African, a trait which saw her working tirelessly to educate students on her undergraduate college campus in the USA, on beautiful Africa. This culminated in the Senior 25 award (an honor given to 25 graduating seniors who show exceptional leadership qualities, academic and extracurricular contributions to the College).

Having lived in Africa, North America and Asia, Fezokuhle loves to explore different cultures, and hopes to make travelling a lifetime hobby. She loves her family and values them as her source of strength and motivation.

Fezokuhle is about to undertake a BSc Honours degree, which will lead to a Masters in Public Health. Her goal is to be involved in health policy making in the Kingdom of eSwatini, and Southern Africa in general.

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