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Francis Mayebe

Zimbabwe & University of Cape Town, 2021

Francis Tafadzwa Mayebe is a Law Graduate (LLB), CA at Baker McKenzie South Africa and International Taxation Masters Candidate. His academic interests are vested in International Taxation and Financial Sector Regulation, Supervision and Compliance.

Apart from his academic interests, Francis is a Mandela Rhodes Scholar, 30 young leaders under the age of 30 in Africa completing their post graduate studies while embarking on a leadership programme aimed at equipping them to deal with global and African challenges.

Francis also co-founded Africa Sports Consultancy, a start-up aiming to empower athletes by assisting them to develop other skills necessary for their personal and post-career development and Buntu, an e-commerce start up focused on promoting African Art and artist in Europe and America.

Francis is also an Author and has published various articles globally in leading legal journals.

Francis's demonstrated values include academic excellence, entrepreneurship, innovation and personal development. This is shown by the relentless determination with which he pursues potential opportunities that come his way. Over the course of his studies, he has been actively involved in leadership roles and most prominently as the Chairman of the Juridical Society of the Faculty of Law at the University of the Free State. On top of his numerous academic accolades and being the top student in his class, he is also a former semi-professional cricketer and played cricket for the University.

Francis is enthusiastic about Africa and its future development through education and innovation. By showcasing the need and importance of investing both time and efforts in the development of this beautiful continent, he aspires to be a prominent and exemplary figure to young Africans.


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