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Gideon Basson

South Africa & Stellenbosch University, 2020

Gideon is interested in changing the world and intervening in the past to diagnose the present. Gideon wants to develop innovative ways for the legal landscape to overcome an atrocious past of colonialism. His academic interests include Bill of Rights litigation, the relationship between democracies and universal human rights, decolonisation, experiential learning methodologies and how different modes of learning and knowledge-making can strengthen our human condition.

Gideon is a type 1 diabetic and is aware of the importance of building strong communities for the most vulnerable to flourish. He is strengthened by learning from others and assisting in others' health, growth and learning. He aspires to use his passion for art and creative writing to unlock conversations of human limitation, dignity and turmoil.

Gideon graduated with a BA Law degree and is completing his LLM. He sang in the Stellenbosch University Choir, was the head student of Metanoia Residence, received a Rector’s Award for Excellent Achievement in Leadership, worked at the University’s Transformation Office and was on the KULeuven ThinkTank for top academic students challenging problems of Health, Wellbeing and Healthcare. He worked with his student law firm, Biko Legal Aid, where they delivered a legal opinion for impact litigation. He tutored Constitutional Law and published a paper called Towards a Decolonial Jurisprudence of Rape Law.

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