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Ntebogang Segone

South Africa & University of Cape Town, 2021

Ntebogang Segone holds an Honours degree in Public Policy and Administration, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics, Politics & Governance from the University of Cape Town. He is an ambitious and energetic individual who enjoys challenging himself and is fascinated with the idea of growing to become a high impact, socially responsible leader in South Africa.

Much of Ntebogang’s life has been driven by his innate desire to be of service to others. This passion for leadership and service has shaped not only the initiatives that he has been involved in but the degrees that he pursued.

Ntebogang served as the Transformation & Social Responsiveness Chair of the 2016 Student Representative Council (SRC) at the University of Cape Town. He was co-chair of the university’s institutional forum and a member of the Student Parliament. The precursor to this was his induction as the ambassador of the Northern Cape Province representing Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund and the Department of Social Development in 2013.

Ntebogang will be pursuing his Master of Commerce in Risk Management for Financial Markets.

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