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Smangaliso Mbili

South Africa & University of Cape Town, 2023

Smangaliso Mbili holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Global Challenges from the African Leadership University. He utilises the intersection of his passion for human development, research, and problem-solving skills to lead initiatives that empower individuals with mindsets and tools to affect shared change.

He is a skilled leadership development practitioner, capacity builder, and creative with a deep passion for unlocking human potential and transforming communities through youth development. He has experience in curriculum design for entrepreneurship, leadership and business development. His various roles have given him practical additional experience in NGO and project management, research, digital marketing, community development, and stakeholder management.

His most challenging role was being a Project Manager and Research Assistant at Vatel Rwanda - International Hospitality School, leading the research department, and an international case study development partnership on Rwanda and Nigeria’s hospitality and tourism industries.

As a change agent, Smangaliso utilises best practices and frameworks to solve problems, recommend interventions, and create impact. His curiosity and zeal for new ideas led him to successfully coordinate the first-ever TEDx ALU Rwanda event while managing the inaugural MCN Fellowship at the University. He is researching innovative and sustainable interventions for youth and graduate unemployment in South Africa and Africa.

He is a master problem-solver with a unique ability to apply multi-disciplinary lenses to problems and create spaces for dialogue and working within complex systems and enable collaboration across different stakeholder groups.

Smangaliso enjoys a myriad of interests that include photography, fitness, horseback riding and hiking.

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