Chioma Amaechi

Nigeria, 2020

Chioma Amaechi is the conveyor of Youth Activate the Movement (YATM) and Hadassah’s Merge, a platform she uses to train and empower youths and girls in underprivileged communities in Lagos, Nigeria. She is also responsible for managing partnership, organizing events and overseeing the training of youths and girls on various skills through conferences, summits, impact gatherings and workshops. She constantly uses various mediums to speak against sexual harassment against the African girl and she aims to seek solutions to the fundamentals problem associated with women and children in emerging economies in relation to poverty, inequality and hunger. Chioma emphasizes on the greatness of the African girl child and it is her dream to see a society of thriving women exceeding boundaries and breaking stereotypes. It is her believe that education is a very important tool and a necessary aid required to create the future that is desired and to combat poverty that plagues most of Africa. Studying development studies will aid fulfill her dreams of creating a sustainable and envisioned Africa for people especially the faction of the society that are most vulnerable - women and children. Being a Mandela Rhodes scholar to her, is an achievement she holds very dearly and she sees it as a learning, inspiring and propelling platform to be a phenomenal African leader.


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