Elliot Taylor

South Africa, 2020

Elliot Taylor was born in Zimbabwe and installed in the Peterhouse Group of Schools for thirteen years. They excelled in the arts, including writing, acting, and fine art; and they decided to pursue a degree in Journalism and Chinese. Elliot decided to drop Journalism after a year and majored instead in Chinese and Drama at Rhodes University (RU). Elliot enrolled in both a PGCE and a TEFL simultaneously; their biggest take-away was that teaching is a commitment and they wanted to continue in the role of learner for as long possible. Elliot enrolled in English Honours, despite not having English at undergraduate level, and surprisingly the English Department took them in. The Department gave Elliot a partial bursary when it was discovered that Elliot was working four jobs. Elliot was also in the position of Vice-Chairperson running the LGBTQIAP++ Society, Nkoli-Fassie at RU. Elliot is always very busy; but when they have some free time, they enjoy reading, writing, making art, playing video games, and plotting the downfall of the cisheteropatriarchy. They aspire to stay at RU to study further and obtain five degrees in eight years. Elliot also hopes to get their PhD and earn a gender-neutral honorific (“Dr.”is a much easier title to attain than “Saint”).


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