Kadria Hassan

Djibouti, 2020

Kadria Hassan is a young architect by training and she is currently working in the humanitarian sector. She also volunteers in a movement called the International Conscience Movement, advocating for the release of women and children detained in Syrian prisons. She values human rights and believes that advocacy and spreading awareness is the key to making a difference. She studied her undergraduate studies in Istanbul, Turkey. Studying in such a metropolis was a significant experience as she witnessed the rapid urban transformation of the city and the challenges of this urban regeneration. She learned that this environment of commercial architecture and top-down intervention are triggering an upsurge in urban transformation projects altering the socio-spatial structure of the city.  After completing her studies, she found interest in urbanism as she realized that adequate urban governance and land management were essential for a city to be more inclusive and sustainable. She eventually decided to orientate towards urban studies. Kadria is interested in studying African cities and more particularly the impact of colonialism. This is because, according to Antonia Thomas, "most of what was designed and built by colonial architects and urban planners was no longer adequate for the kinds of social relations that emerged with the political emancipation of these countries". Kadria aims to contribute to the knowledge-production of research on African cities and then to the conceptualization of healthy African cities that respond to their respective needs by using participatory approaches where the citizens are at the core of the process.  


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