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Koaile Monaheng

Lesotho & University of Cape Town, 2020

Koaile Monaheng is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Climate Change and Sustainable Development at the University of Cape Town (UCT) through the African Climate and Development Initiative (ACDI). He is a compassionate person who has earned respect and admiration from his peers and those around him through his exemplary leadership and integrity. His various accolades include: SRC Presidency at Machabeng International College, Dean of Students Leadership Award, Calata House Warden, a Vice-Chancellor’s appointment to the Student Disciplinary Committee, winner of the Investec Top 100 Awards, Assistant Lecturer and Teaching Assistant in the Department of Political and International Studies at Rhodes University. His academic foundation is in Economics, Politics and International Relations coupled with an assortment of research interests namely, foreign policy, climate justice, corporate power, feminism and climate diplomacy at Rhodes University. At Postgraduate level he ventured into Global Climate Change Governance which became the point of departure into greater scientific exposure through interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary training in Climate Change and Sustainable Development, through the ACDI at UCT therefore, regarding himself strategically placed to go beyond the global effort of climate change negotiations. Instead to focus more on the scientific basis of the climate crisis here at home in Africa, recognizing the homegrown transdisciplinary effort required for our very survival. Through indigenous environmental education, Koaile believes that Africans can be agents capable of determining their own destiny, by rewriting themselves into the history books that have archived and erased African experiences. He works with the profound consideration that climate change justice is intragenerational with many of the predicted future scenarios ‘already here,’ taking place in many climate vulnerable countries, perversely egalitarian in their risks. Koaile’s vision is to become part of a network committed to the capacity building and conscientizing young minds to the realities of climate change and environmental issues, specific to Africa.


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